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Kyrsten Sinema Is Living In An Alternate Universe

Jan 13, 2022

Amanda Terkel and Paul Blumenthal

(Huffington Post) – According to the Brennan Center, there have been as many cloture motions in the past 10 years as there were during the 60-year period from 1947 to 2006. “The facts are that over the course of our nation’s history, some of the most significant Civil Rights legislation has passed with one-party support, including the 14th and 15th amendments,” End Citizens United spokesman Adam Bozzi said. “And the filibuster, which has far too often been used to block civil rights, has been adjusted time and again.” Sinema also expressed admiration for the filibuster because it “ensures that millions of Americans represented by the minority party have a voice in the process.” But under the current system, millions of Americans aren’t being heard ― unless they happen to be the senators from Arizona and West Virginia, in which case they are being heard nonstop.