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Mainers take the fight for democracy to local elections

Jul 22, 2015

Right now, a grassroots coalition in Maine is fighting for a referendum this November that would overhaul Maine’s campaign finance system. It would be a huge win for reform, and it could be a model we use in states around the nation.

Mainers for Accountable Elections’ referendum will:

— Increase penalties for those who break election rules
— Increase transparency and disclosure requirements
— Restore the Clean Election Act which was decimated by the U.S. Supreme Court
— And (best of all) would be funded by closing corporate tax loopholes

We strongly support this initiative. If we’re going to enact reforms nationwide, first we need to show we have the grassroots power to succeed at a smaller scale.

Nearly 1,000 Maine residents have chipped in to support this campaign. But if they’re going to take on big money special interests, they need our support: