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MIRS: End Citizens United files FEC Complaint in MI Primary

Aug 01, 2016

End Citizens United recently filed a FEC complaint against Tom Casperson, candidate in the Republican primary for Michigan’s First Congressional District. MIRS News reports:

“Steve Mitchell of Mitchell Research and Communications, told MIRS he wouldn’t make a prediction about the race, but that there has been a precedent for Bergman potentially pulling off an upset.

‘Allen and Casperson battling each other only to have the outsider win the Congressional race in the end would like what happened for [Joe] Knollenberg in 1992,” Mitchell said. “Bergman could be in a good position to win.”

Regardless, Casperson’s camp remained positive, despite a new political hit from Democrats, who would prefer the moderate Yooper doesn’t survive the primary. With Casperson’s union support, the feeling is likely Democratic nominee Lon Johnson wouldn’t fair as well.

The Michigan Democratic Party and a group called ‘End Citizens United’ have filed complaints claiming Casperson has illegally used his state campaign account to fund his Congressional campaign in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District race.

‘Casperson for Congress’ Campaign Manager Danny Laub denied the allegations.”

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