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Montana Senator Tester awarded the Ethics and Transparency Trailblazer Award

Mar 14, 2024

Colton Little

(ABC Fox Montana – NonStop Local) Senator Tester was awarded with the Ethics and Transparency Trailblazer Award by the President of End Citizens United Tiffany Muller. Over the years, Senator Tester has exemplified the efforts to be transparent with who he is working with and what he is working on. This inaugural award was given to Senator Tester based on his accomplishments in Washington D.C. in legislation like requiring members of the congress to publicly post their daily schedules, impost a lifelong ban for former members of the congress and staffers from becoming lobbyists and banning stock trading for members of congress.

Muller saying quote “Senator Tester has been a champion on these issues from day one, and it’s about bringing those commonsense Montana values to D.C. and actually making sure that people in Montana know who he’s fighting for. And, you know, so much of what we see here in D.C. is the big money calling the shots, special interests getting the access and transparency and accountability lets Americans know who their elected officials are working for and why.”