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More than 18,000 Texans Disenfranchised from Recent Primaries

Mar 17, 2022


(Fort Worth Weekly) – Recent reporting by the Texas Tribune found that the new voter suppression law was responsible for spikes in mail-in ballot rejections across the state. Harris County, a Democratic stronghold, saw 6,919 ballots scrapped, and all but 31 of the tossed votes were due to the new ID requirement. In a public statement, End Citizens United, a nonprofit that works to reduce corporate influence in elections, said Texas’ voter suppression law achieved its aim. “The Texas GOP politicians who passed this restrictive voting law are getting exactly what they wanted — preventing Texas voters from making their voices heard on issues that matter most to them,” End Citizens United said. “The alarming ballot rejection rates in Texas underscore why it is so important to election champions of protecting the freedom to vote.”