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NH Primary Source: End Citizens United PAC dropping direct mail for four Democratic state senators

Oct 08, 2020

By John DiStaso

END CITIZENS UNITED SUPPORT. End Citizens United, the influential nationwide pro-campaign finance reform group, this week is launching a $60,000 direct mail program on behalf of four Democratic state senators who are involved in close reelection contests.

ECU’s state-level project, Fight for Reform, will drop three flights of mailers through the remainder of this month on behalf of Sens. Shannon Chandley of Amherst in District 11, Melanie Levesque of Brookline in District 12, Jon Morgan of Brentwood in District 23 and Tom Sherman of Rye in District 24.

The group previously endorsed the four senators and included them on its “Champions of Democracy” list. It’s also endorsed Democratic candidate for governor Dan Feltes, U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and U.S. Rep. Chris Papps.

The mailers are positive in nature, not attacking the senators’ opponents. A mailer for Levesque can be seen below.

ECU says the Fight for Reform program will focus on the senators’ votes to “reduce the influence of big money in politics, fix campaign contribution loopholes that allow big donors to get around contribution limits,” a reference to New Hampshire’s often-debated LLC loophole, and “protecting consumers from the negative impact of corporate lobbying.”

“Dark money groups are trying to buy our elections and our democracy, but these four senators have taken a courageous stand to take them on,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller. “These four reformers are dedicated to limiting ‘big money’s’ influence in politics because they know people should come first, not corporate special interests.

“In order to continue making progress on critical issues in New Hampshire, we must re-elect these four Senators this November.”