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POLITICO: New Reform Group Partners with Pro-Clinton PAC

Aug 10, 2015

POLITICO: New Reform Group Partners with Pro-Clinton PAC

End Citizens United PAC, a new political action committee, is partnering with Ready PAC — previously known as Ready for Hillary — to back candidates who support campaign finance reform. The group is renting the pro-Clinton super PAC’s list and has been able to raise over $2 million so far. The political action committee’s ultimate goal is to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, but in the meantime, the group will also advocate for other campaign finance reform measures.

It plans to create an independent expenditure arm next year and spend between $25 million and $30 million in the 2016 election cycle. Richard Carbo, spokesman for the group, told PI that they are approaching the issue differently than other reform groups and believe the partnership with Ready PAC provides them legitimacy in an early stage. “We’re bringing a different approach and a different style, but the more the merrier,” Carbo said. “We are just doing things a little bit differently and engaging some of the grassroots activists who are involved in the issue. The staff here has also been battle-tested in campaigns.”

The group’s senior advisers are Valerie Martin, who worked for Sen. Claire McCaskill’s 2006 campaign, and Reed Adamson, who worked for Rep. Brad Schneider during the 2012 cycle.