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Rep. Steve Chabot faces ethics complaint from End Citizens United over stock trade

Sep 13, 2022

Chris Wetterich


(Cincinnati Business Courier) A Democratic-leaning political action committee filed an ethics complaint against U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Westwood, after he allegedly failed to disclose a stock trade in a timely manner. End Citizens United has a research staff that looks at different issues related to Congress, including campaign finance or stock trade violations, Muller told the Business Courier. The research staff discovered the issue, and there was no coordination with Democrats or Landsman, she said. The group rejects any claim that Chabot did not know about the stock trade, given that Allergan stockholders were notified about the merger, Muller said. End Citizens United favors banning members of Congress trading stocks. The penalty for such a violation is typically a fine of a few hundred dollars. “That doesn’t necessarily reflect the severity of the violation. We need to strengthen the law,” Muller said. “We know that the public has lost trust in Congress and believes too many members of Congress are just working for themselves instead of the American public. These rules are in place because we have to have processes in place to smoke out corruption so the public can hold members of Congress accountable.”