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Why Democrats Are Suddenly Putting A Focus On Dark Money

Sep 20, 2022

Paul Blumenthal and Igor Bobic


(Huffington Post) “It shows that this is a priority for the Democrats,” Adam Bozzi, spokesperson for End Citizens United, a PAC affiliated with the Democratic Party that advocates for campaign finance reforms, said in an email. “It’s both good policy and good politics.” President Joe Biden even gave a prepared speech in support of the Disclose Act on Tuesday, another sign that Democrats see the issue as good politics ahead of the midterms. Senate Majority PAC, the leader Democratic Senate super PAC, partnered with End Citizens United for a $1.9 million ad buy on Sept. 16 hitting Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) tying the contributions he’s received from the oil and gas industry to the rising cost of gas. In House races, Democrats’ lead super PAC House Majority PAC has already put out ads knocking Republicans on issues related to campaign money in races in Maine and Michigan. “There will be consequences to this vote and [End Citizens United] will work to make sure they are felt,” Bozzi said. Republicans, however, remain both opposed to the disclosure bill and mystified by why Democrats are giving it a vote.