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Winchester Star: A portent developing in GA-6?

Jun 20, 2017

Georgia’s 6th Distrct is a sleepy collection of solidly Republican suburbs. It’s also the focus of the U.S. political world — or is that “whirl” — today. For it is here, in a district labeled “R+10” (meaning, a Republican starts off with a 10-point advantage). This is Tom Price Territory; Dr. Price won here routinely before being confirmed HHS secretary earlier this year.

But today former Secretary of State Karen Handel will need every little bit of that traditional advantage (if it exists this year). Money has been pouring into places like Sandy Springs, to the tune of $50 million total, making this the priciest House race in American political annals.

Ms. Handel has received her share, but it’s the way she’s obtained it, that may be her undoing. No, to our knowledge, she’s done nothing illegal, nothing at all. But she’s been forced to spend most of her days fund-raising rather than campaigning. She relies on word of mouth, and savvy use of what little campaign time she has to stay alive in a race she should win hands-down.

Meanwhile, the campaign of Ms. Handel’s opponent, Jon Ossoff, has been fueled by a small-dollar machine, the handiwork of progressive groups Daily Kos and End Citizens United. Freed from the burden of call time, Mr. Ossoff can hit every pig-pickin’, every meet-and-greet in the 6th.

Could this campaign be a harbinger of things to come?

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