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118th Congress On Track to Set Record of No Corporate PAC Members

Nov 16, 2022

The movement to refuse corporate PAC money continues to grow. For the third consecutive cycle, there will be more members of Congress who reject corporate PAC money than ever before.

With the state of our democracy at the top of voters’ mind, refusing corporate PAC money is both good policy and good politics. It is a clear action candidates and members of Congress can take to demonstrate they will fight to ensure government works for everyone, and not just corporate donors. members of Congress who reject corporate PAC money also on average raise more money than their counterparts who do not refuse it.

  • So far, a record 69 No Corporate PAC members have won seats in the 118th Congress, with more races yet to be called.

    • This is an increase from 59 members at the beginning of the 117th Congress and 56 at the beginning of the 116th Congress.

  • The number of Senators who refuse corporate PAC money stands at 17, with one runoff still underway.

    • For the second consecutive cycle, 100% of newly elected Democratic Senators refuse corporate PAC money.

  • The number of House members who refuse corporate PAC money will increase from 43 to at least 52.

  • This cycle,170 candidates in the general election pledged to refuse corporate PAC money, an increase from 155 last cycle and 126 the cycle before that.

  • On average, frontline Democrats who refuse corporate PAC outraised all other frontline members by approximately $2.5 million this cycle to date.