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124 No Corporate PAC Candidates Win Primaries

Sep 13, 2018

In total, over 200 candidates rejecting corporate PAC money ran this cycle

The No Corporate PAC Movement:  
With the last of the 2018 primaries in the book, 124 no corporate PAC candidates have won their primaries and advanced to the general election in November. ECU has urged Democratic candidates and members of Congress to pledge to reject corporate PAC money.

The breakdown of no corporate PAC candidates includes:

  • 4 Senate challengers

  • 5 Senate incumbents

  • 110 House challengers

  • 5 House incumbents

To receive a full list of candidates, please email: [email protected]

No Corporate PAC Red to Blue Candidates: 
Of the 73 DCCC Red to Blue candidates, 46 of them, or 63 percent, are forgoing corporate PAC money. This is up from just three candidates on the Red to Blue list last cycle.

ECU’s Primary Record of Success: 
This primary season, voters supported End Citizens United’s candidates running to end the influence of Big Money in politics. 71 out of 76, or 93 percent, of ECU-endorsed candidates in Democratic primaries for open or Republican-held seats won.

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