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After Beating Back Threats to Our Democracy, ECU // LAV Ready to Take Trump on in 2024

Nov 15, 2022

End Citizens United // Let America Vote President Tiffany Muller released the following statement reacting to Donald Trump’s announcement that he will run for president in 2024:

“We have been on the frontlines of the fight against the Big Lie, baseless conspiracy theories, and extremist politicians who pose a threat to our democracy. In 2022, we took on Trump’s hand-picked candidates who wanted to overturn the will of the people–and beat them badly. Now, we’re ready to take on and once again defeat the ringleader fueling the biggest threat to our democracy–Donald Trump.

“Americans rejected his minions’ extremism and anti-democracy tirades in 2022, and they’ll reject that same extremism from Trump in 2024.”