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American Independent: Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt got oil and gas money as he defended the industry

Jul 28, 2022

A new report from the American Independent revealed how Big Oil companies are continuing to invest in their favorite politician, Adam Laxalt.

As Attorney General, Laxalt used his office to prevent an investigation into one of his Big Oil backers.

As an attorney, Laxalt made millions of dollars representing Big Oil and Gas companies.

Now, those same companies are bankrolling his Senate campaign with nearly $30,000 so far.

“We can’t let a corrupt politician who’s bought by Big Oil and Gas companies represent Nevada in the U.S. Senate,” said End Citizens United // Let America Vote President Tiffany Muller. “Laxalt wants to go to Washington to let his greedy corporate donors continue to gouge gas prices, not to fight for Nevada families.”

American Independent: Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt got oil and gas money as he defended the industry

Josh Israel

Key points:

  • As gas prices broke records in late May, Nevada Republican Senate nominee Adam Laxalt repeatedly defended the oil and gas industry and claimed “greedy oil executives” were not to blame. Last month, the industry rewarded his loyalty with more than $11,000 in campaign contributions.

  • Some Democratic lawmakers and consumer watchdog groups accused the industry of price gouging and prioritizing greed over customers.

  • Former Nevada Attorney General and unsuccessful 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Adam Laxalt, who is currently challenging Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) repeatedly rushed to their defense.

  • In the days that followed, the contributions poured in.

  • According to his Federal Election Commission filings, Laxalt received at least $11,050 from oil and gas company executives and corporate PACs in June. That included a $5,000 donation from Continental Resources’ political action committee.

  • Over the second quarter of 2022, he reported at least $28,700 from oil and gas sector donors in total.

  • Laxalt has continued to defend oil and gas executives against allegations of greed, making the same argument in a Fox Business Network appearance on July 19.

  • In addition to the campaign donations, Laxalt has been funded by the fossil fuel industry in other ways.

  • According to his mandatory Senate financial disclosure forms, Laxalt and his wife own tens of thousands of dollars worth of stock in Chevron Corporation and other oil and gas businesses.

  • He has also been paid millions of dollars for his work at Cooper & Kirk, PLLC, a major conservative law firm that calls itself “the ‘go-to-firm’ to sue the federal government.”

  • While Laxalt has not disclosed his own client list, the company’s website indicates that it has represented several oil and gas companies and that “subsidies of Chevron Corporation” are currently a client “in a suit in the Court of Federal Claims asserting that the United States must indemnify them for tens of millions of dollars environmental cleanup costs incurred at three different Oil Refineries.”

  • As a candidate, Laxalt has advocated for prioritizing unlimited oil and gas drilling over climate and environmental protections. He has also opposed President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan, which would have invested $555 billion in clean energy and climate change infrastructure.