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Have You Asked Hawley Why He Hasn’t Investigated A New Missouri?

Jun 21, 2018

While Allegations of Illegal Dark Money for Greitens Roil Jefferson City, Hawley Remains Mum on Investigation Status

As Missouri’s chief legal officer, Attorney General Josh Hawley has the power to investigate A New Missouri, the dark-money non-profit run by disgraced Governor Eric Greitens. Following the decision of Governor Greitens to resign rather reveal his dark money donors, Hawley has failed to investigate what – or who – Greitens was so desperate to hide.

Why hasn’t Hawley moved forward into the investigation of Greitens’ dark-money group? Is it because:

  1. Hawley realize his own history exploiting campaign finance laws could threaten his Senate campaign?

  2. Is he afraid of upsetting Eric Greitens, his former donor and political ally who gave him $50,000 in contributions last cycle?

  3. Or is he afraid of alienating Greitens’ supporters ahead of the August primary or November election?

While publicly advocating for ethics reform, Hawley has a long history of exploiting campaign finance laws for his political ambition. In his campaign for attorney general, the Stoddard County Prosecuting Attorney filed an ethics complaint against Hawley for using his two dark money non-profits as a means to run a shadow campaign, without declaring his candidacy, to evade campaign finance limits or transparency.

“Whether Hawley is too scared or spineless to do his job is up to the people of Missouri to decide, one thing is sure – dark money and political ambition have compromised his integrity,” said Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United. “Before Hawley asks for a job promotion, he’d be wise to first complete the job he was elected to do.”