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CA-45: End Citizens United Congratulates Katie Porter On Primary Win

Jun 06, 2018

ECU launched digital and direct mail campaigns leading up to primary

ECU’s grassroots members raised over $30,000 in small-dollar donations for Porter

 End Citizens United (ECU) President Tiffany Muller released the following statement on Katie Porter’s win in the California-45 primary:

“ECU congratulates Katie Porter on her primary win. Katie has spent her life fighting against the powerful special interests that take advantage of hard working families. Voters know she’ll take that fight to Congress. Katie is rejecting money from corporate PACs and Big Banks, and Californians know they can count on her to put people first — not mega-donors or special interests. We’re proud to have helped propel her to a primary victory and look forward to continuing our work to ensure she wins the general election in November.”

The CA-45 race was the first time that ECU made an independent expenditure in a primary. In May, ECU teamed up with EMILY’s List to mobilize and educate voters in the district about Porter’s record. The six-figure joint effort consisted of a direct mail campaign, a digital ad campaign, as well as an advocacy push to boost voter turnout. ECU recruited its local members to volunteer and national members to phonebank for Porter. ECU President Tiffany Muller, along with EMILY’s List VP of Campaigns Lucinda Guinn, also traveled to California and campaigned with Porter at events. ECU’s grassroots members raised over $30,000 for Porter, averaging just $9 per contribution. In May, ECU commissioned a poll showing Porter leading Walters, 46 to 43 percent.

In December, ECU named Congresswoman Mimi Walters to its Big Money 20, a list of the group’s top targets for defeat because they put the interests of donors ahead of their constituents.

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