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CO-06: End Citizens United Congratulates Jason Crow On Primary Win

Jun 26, 2018

End Citizens United (ECU) President Tiffany Muller released the following statement on Jason Crow’s win in the Colorado-06 primary:

“ECU Congratulates Jason Crow on tonight’s primary win. Jason is committed to reforming the rigged system to end the outsized influence that big money special interests have over our democracy. Not only has he outlined legislative proposals to fix the broken campaign finance system, but by rejecting corporate PAC money, he’s already taken concrete steps to demonstrate his commitment. ECU is proud to have helped propel him to a primary victory and looks forward to continuing our work to ensure he wins the general election in November.

“In contrast to Jason, his opponent, Congressman Mike Coffman, has stacked the deck in favor of his donors at the expense of Coloradans. He’s sided with the NRA against popular, common sense gun safety proposals and gave his mega donors huge tax breaks that will come at the expense of Medicare and Social Security.”

Coffman was named a member of ECU’s Big Money 20, the group’s list of top targets to defeat because they put the interests of donors ahead of their constituents.

In March, ECU President Tiffany Muller traveled to CO-06 where she stumped for Crow as he unveiled his Washington Reform Agenda, a series of legislative proposals to unrig the system in Washington. The trip came on the heels of an ECU poll which showed Crow leading Coffman by five points, 44 to 39 percent. In the poll, after voters learned of Crow’s commitment to reject corporate PAC money, his lead over Coffman grew to ten points. In addition to laying out legislative proposals, Crow challenged Coffman to join him and disavow dark money in their campaign. Coffman has not agreed to the pledge.

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