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CO-06: Stand Up to Trump? Coffman Votes with Him 95% of the Time

Jun 28, 2018

Following Jason Crow’s strong showing in Tuesday’s primary, End Citizens United (ECU) is putting the spotlight on his opponent Congressman Mike Coffman. ECU named Coffman to its Big Money 20, a list of the group’s top targets to defeat because they put the interests of donors ahead of their constituents.

Facing a formidable challenger in first-time candidate and former Army Ranger Jason Crow, Congressman Coffman has been eager to try to position himself as an independent voice, but the facts speak for themselves – Coffman has been one of Trump’s most loyal foot soldiers, voting with the President a whopping 95% of the time.

A few examples –

Last year, Coffman voted for the Financial Choice Act, which gutted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) responsible for protecting Colorado families against bank fraud and abuse, including allowing the President to readily fire the CFPB director. In 2018, he voted to roll back financial rules and regulations established following the 2008 Financial Crisis that protect Coloradans from the predatory practices of banks and financial institutions.

  • As one of Wall Street’s most loyal supporters, Coffman has received over $800,000 from the financial industry.

Coffman joined his party in cosponsoring and voting for a Republican-driven House bill that undermined Colorado law by allowing gun owners with permits to carry concealed weapons across state lines. He also voted to make it easier for people with mental illness to buy a gun.

  • While stacking the deck in favor of the gun lobby, Coffman received over $100,000 from gun rights groups.

In December, Coffman supported the GOP tax bill that hurt Colorado families and threatens Medicare and Social Security but gave massive tax breaks to wealthy mega-donors.

  • His support came after benefiting from over $2.6 million in political spending from special interests pushing for the bill.