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Collins’ Indictment Spotlights Need for Reform

Aug 09, 2018

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller released the following statement on Rep. Chris Collins’ insider trading indictment:

“Chris Collins’ indictment underscores how comfortable politicians have become with a rigged system. Whether it’s insider trading or passing laws to benefit their big political donors at the expense of the American people, this culture of corruption has consumed Washington.

“Representative Collins and any of his colleagues wrapped up in this scandal should be held accountable and pay the price. On a broader scale, we need tougher and more effective laws to limit the influence of Big Money in politics, bring more transparency and accountability to government and campaigns, reform lobbying activities, and strengthen ethical standards and conflict of interest laws. The only way to achieve those goals is to throw out members of Congress who are defending the status quo and elect candidates who will pass bold and meaningful reforms so Washington can get on with the people’s’ business.”

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