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Corky Messner’s Pro-Dark Money Pledge Misses The Mark

Sep 14, 2020

Last week, Senator Jeanne Shaheen called on Corky Messner to sign a “Clean Elections Agreement” to discourage dark money groups and outside spending on behalf of either candidate. Messner initially declined the agreement, but now he’s out with his own pledge that encourages dark money spending in the race.

“Corky Messner’s refusal to sign Senator Shaheen’s ‘Clean Elections Agreement’ should be a big red flag for New Hampshire voters. The pledge is designed to give voters a chance to hear directly from the candidates – not shady dark money groups funded by wealthy political donors,” said Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United. “Now, he’s countering with a watered down pledge that makes no mention of dark money groups, admitting that he can’t run a campaign on his own merit and that he needs help from corporate special interests. He’s putting a for sale sign on his campaign by giving these groups the green light to flood the state with negative and nasty attack ads to try to buy this race for him.”

Click here to read Shaheen’s letter to Messner about the “Clean Elections Agreement.”