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Dan Kelly Has One Too Many Red Flags

Mar 27, 2023

Dan Kelly’s extremism, corporate bidding, election-denying activity, and flat-out corruption are red flags that demonstrate he is wholly unfit to serve Wisconsin on the Supreme Court.

Kelly’s extremism has hurt Wisconsin families as he has pushed a radical agenda favoring his corporate special interest donors. More of Kelly’s extreme views were recently uncovered by the Wisconsin Law Journal, which published a trove of Kelly’s blog posts that prove he can’t be trusted to uphold the constitution for the people of Wisconsin.

Dan Kelly’s red flags show he’s too extreme for Wisconsin and unfit to serve on the state’s Supreme Court:

🚩 Kelly is too close to MAGA extremist outside groups

AP: Work for anti-abortion group issue in Wisconsin court race
“In addition to Wisconsin Right to Life, Kelly is also endorsed by Wisconsin Family Action and Pro-Life Wisconsin…The Wisconsin Right to Life Political Action Committee said when it announced its backing of Kelly that it only endorses candidates “who have pledged to champion pro-life values and stand with Wisconsin Right to Life’s legislative strategy.”

Guardian: Election-denying donors pour millions into key Wisconsin supreme court race
“Campaign finance reports show the group Fair Courts America, Inc, which is largely bankrolled by Uihlein, spent at least $1.5m in independent expenditures on pro-Kelly television ads before the 21 February primary.”

Milwaukee Sentinel Journal: Big special interest money is flowing into the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. Dan Kelly says that’s good for him.
“Our campaign is really going to be a very small piece of total spend,” Kelly said. “Where you gonna get the other $20 million from? There are these organizations around the country, and they have specific concerns. And they will only support a candidate who has a proven record of constitutional conservatism.”

🚩 Kelly attempted to help overturn the 2020 election results

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Bice: Supreme Court candidate Daniel Kelly was paid $120,000 by Republicans to work on ‘election integrity,’ advise on fake electors

🚩 Kelly has openly opposed same-sex marriage

Wisconsin Law Journal: Dan Kelly’s deleted blog posts raise new questions
“On same sex marriage, Kelly said permitting same-sex couples to marry is simply ‘using the power of the state to compel others to legitimize the same-sex couples.’”

🚩 Kelly has extremist and dangerous views on reproductive healthcare

Wisconsin Law Journal: Dan Kelly’s deleted blog posts raise new questions
“Regarding abortion, Kelly wrote that those who are pro-choice are simply here ‘to preserve sexual libertinism.’

Hang Together by Daniel Kelly: Do they know? How do we know they know?
“[Employees of Planned Parenthood] know abortion takes the life of an unborn child, and if they said otherwise they know they would be laughed out of the room. It is not knowledge or rationality they lack, but a correct ordering of values.”

🚩 Kelly has relentlessly argued for the interests of wealthy corporations and against popular interests of everyday Americans

Wisconsin Law Journal: Dan Kelly’s deleted blog posts raise new questions
“On Social Security and Medicare, Kelly said that he thinks that’s just for those folks who ‘have chosen to retire without sufficient assets to support themselves.’”

Hang Together by Daniel Kelly: A Present Moral Consensus?
“Thus, gay marriage, recreational drug use, and tax increases received the public’s straight-up endorsement. So, are we just cranks, or is there still room to debate these issues?”

🚩 Kelly advocates for no taxes for corporations

Hang Together by Daniel Kelly: Reality-Based Cultural Conversations: What Corporations Can Teach Us
In this post, Kelly argues that we shouldn’t tax corporations because they aren’t individuals: “That concept [that corporations should be taxed] is the belief that there is such thing as a corporation… We’ve created a tax policy based on fantasy, we’ve been spooked by a figment of our imagination…”

Hang Together by Daniel Kelly: Of Unmasked Riddlers And The Equality Mandate
In this post, Kelly argues for cutting or eliminating important programs – such as ones that  Wisconsin families rely on for health care or food assistance. “It is impossible to say that a government is protecting your liberty and property when it is stealing both through wealth-transfer programs.”