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Desperate Attacks Won’t Cover Up Senator Collins’ Corporate PAC Money

Feb 20, 2020

While Sara Gideon rejects all corporate PAC money, Collins has taken nearly $5.6 million from corporate PACs throughout her career

Following a new poll showing Senator Susan Collins under 50% and losing to Sara Gideon in the Maine Senate race, Collins released an ad that misleads Mainers about corporate PAC money. During her 23 years in the Senate, Senator Collins has taken nearly $5.6 million from corporate PACs.

“Mainers know that Senator Collins has become too entrenched in Washington’s corrupt big money system, and no misleading attack ad can change that,” said Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United. “Senator Collins’ record is clear ­­– she has taken millions of dollars from corporate PACs, and she votes in their interest in the Senate. Sara Gideon rejects corporate PAC money, and it will always be clear that she’s fighting for Mainers in the Senate.”

Senator Collins’ reliance on corporate PAC money has had a devastating impact on Mainers. During her 23 years in Washington, Collins has voted to give billions of dollars back to many of the same corporate interests that have supported her campaigns over the years. For example, after taking over $215,000 from Big Pharma corporate PACs, Collins refuses to stand up to Senator Mitch McConnell and support legislation that would lower the annual prices for the 250 most expensive prescriptions. And instead of fighting for a tax bill that would ease the burden for lower and middle class Maine families, Collins helped pass a bill that gives corporations a $2 trillion giveaway and puts Medicare and Social Security at risk.

ECU endorsed Sara Gideon in July 2019 because of her commitment to reform and making Washington work for Mainers. Gideon, who rejects donations from corporate PACs, is running a grassroots campaign powered by small-dollar donors. In her first major policy announcement, Gideon unveiled a bold and comprehensive agenda to rein in the influence of special interests and crack down on corruption in Washington.

In January, End Citizens United Action Fund released its first annual legislative scorecard that tracked and graded the efforts of every member of Congress on money in politics and government reform issues. Senator Collins received an “F” for failing to support common sense legislation that roots out corruption, increases transparency, and strengthens ethics in government.