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ECU Ad in NM-02 Targets Yvette Herrell in $116,000 Campaign

Oct 25, 2018

End Citizens United (ECU) today launched a new radio ad focusing on Yvette Herrell’s state ethics violation in which she made almost a half million dollars off of taxpayer-funded contracts.

The ad, titled “Busted,” is part of a $116,000 radio ad campaign. You can listen to the ad here.

“Yvette Herrell failed to follow the law as a state representative and now she wants a promotion. New Mexico families deserve better and we’re proud to support Xochitl Torres Small who is running to reform the system,” said Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United.

Recently, Xochitl Torres Small was part of a coalition of 107 House challenger candidates who sent a letter to the House of Representatives demanding that a reform bill be the first item on the agenda in 2019. In her campaign for Congress she is rejecting corporate PAC money.

Click here for supporting information for “Busted.”

Full script below:  

VO: Busted. Yvette Herrell busted. For ripping off New Mexico taxpayers to line her own pockets. Herrell made almost a half million dollars off taxpayer-funded contracts.

VO: Then failed to disclose it to the public. That’s right, Yvette Herrell got caught violating state ethics rules…breaking the law. Herrell made all that money renting property to the state. But kept it secret. And that’s against the law.

VO: The Albuquerque Journal called it “pretty egregious.” 

VO: Unbelievably, Herrell denied doing anything wrong. And that may be the biggest problem of all, said the Journal. They said, quote: “not disclosing that financial interest is a betrayal of the public trust and should not be tolerated.”  

VO: Now Yvette Herrell wants to go to Congress. But aren’t there already enough crooks in Congress?

Unlike dark money groups, ECU is entirely transparent and every penny is disclosed with the Federal Election Commission. Unlike Super PACs, ECU is entirely grassroots-funded with an average contribution of $14.