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ECU Applauds Sen. Tester’s Introduction of “Spotlight Act”

Jul 24, 2018

“Spotlight Act” would overturn Treasury Department’s recent dark money rule change

Following the introduction of Sen. Jon Tester’s “Spotlight Act” which would overturn the controversial Treasury rule change that makes it virtually impossible to see how dark money groups are funded, End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller released the below statement:

“Senator Tester understands what so many Americans already know to be true – that we need more, not less, disclosure in our elections. As our intelligence agencies work to connect the dots to uncover whether Russia used secret money to meddle in our elections, we need to close loopholes to prevent criminal enterprises and foreign governments from exploiting our campaign finance system. While mega-donors, like the Koch brothers, influence our elections and fight to keep their identities secret, Senator Tester is standing up and fighting back against the corrosive influence of Big Money.”

ECU has been active and engaged in Montana, which has a proud tradition of supporting good government and clean, transparent elections. In April 2017, ECU endorsed Senator Tester for re-election and has supported a series of bills introduced by Tester that would increase transparency and accountability in elections, including most recently his Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act.

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