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ECU Begins Fight to Reject Gorsuch

Feb 02, 2017

3 million-member network mobilized to oppose nominee and reject the notion that corporations are people

End Citizens United today launched its grassroots campaign demanding the U.S. Senate reject Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court.

“We’re mobilizing our three-million-member network to oppose Gorsuch and encourage senators to reject this nominee,” said Tiffany Muller Executive Director at End Citizens United.  “The overwhelming majority of Americans — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike — are fed up with the massive sums of money that Citizens United has allowed billionaires and corporations to pump into our elections.  To have Gorsuch side with the extreme wing of the Court to give Big Money more power and influence over our democracy is unacceptable.”

ECU’s opposition to the Gorsuch nomination comes amid new polling that shows an overwhelming number of Americans (72 percent) think the nomination will have a big difference on the direction of the country.  A staggering 78 percent of voters are more likely to oppose a nominee who will continue to allow corporations and special interests to use money to gain influence and drown out the voice of individuals in politics.

Gorsuch’s own record indicates that he will not end unlimited and unaccountable money in politics, and he is part of a deeply concerning pattern with this administration.  Since his election, President Trump has surrounded himself with a cadre of appointments with close ties to Super PACs and secret money groups.

ECU kicked off its efforts with a nationwide petition calling on senators to reject Gorsuch. ECU will urge its members to contact senators’ offices with calls, emails, and social media contacts, and ensure that the voices of everyday Americans are heard in this debate.