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ECU Calls on GOP Members of Congress to Donate Santos’ Money to Charity

Jan 18, 2023

End Citizens United today issued an open letter to Republican members of Congress who took money from disgraced Congressman George Santos. The letter calls on the members to donate the money to charity.

Below is the text of the letter:

In recent weeks, the truth about Congressman George Santos has come to light. Americans have learned that he lied and fabricated every detail of his life in order to deceive voters of New York’s 3rd Congressional District.

Santos is facing several investigations, at the local, federal, and international level, and is the subject of multiple legal and ethics complaints, including three from End Citizens United. In particular, Santos is accused of using a shell company to hide the true sources of the $700,000 loan he made to his campaign. He also failed to follow the law by filing his financial disclosures inaccurately and with concerning omissions. It is an unacceptable level of dishonesty, unethical behavior, and corruption.

You are among a handful of Republicans who have taken tainted campaign contributions from George Santos. 

Given the long list of lies, likely criminality, and blatant disregard for ethics, transparency, or the truth, we are calling on you to donate George Santos’ tainted money to charity. Keeping the money or returning it to Santos would be an endorsement of his deception and corruption.

Tiffany Muller
President, End Citizens United

The following is a list of members of Congress who took money from Santos:

  • FL-07 – Cory Mills ($5,000)

  • FL-27 – Maria Elvira Salazar ($2,900)

  • IL-15 – Mary Miller ($5,000)

  • OH-07 – Max Miller ($5,000)

  • NY-01 – Nick LaLota ($2,900)

  • NY-17 – Mike Lawler ($2,900)

  • NY-19 – Marc Molinaro ($1,000)

  • NY-21 – Elise Stefanik ($5,000 to leadership PAC)

  • NY-22 – Brandon Williams ($2,100)

  • NY-24 – Claudia Tenney ($2,000)

  • TX-24 – Beth Van Duyne ($5,000)

  • WY-AL – Harriet Hageman ($2,900)

Earlier this month, End Citizens United filed three complaints against George Santos with the FEC, Office of Congressional Ethics, and DOJ.


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