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ECU Congratulates Conor Lamb on Victory

Mar 14, 2018

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller released the following statement congratulating Conor Lamb on his victory in the PA-18 special election.

“Congratulations to Conor Lamb. Conor proved that the grassroots can defeat the special interests. He laid out a roadmap for candidates who make ending the influence of big money in politics central to their campaigns. He did it without taking a dime of corporate PAC money, despite being ruthlessly outspent by millions from outside groups funded with secretive and unlimited money.

“Pennsylvanians and people across the country are demanding that Washington put the people’s interest ahead of big donors. Conor will always fight for Western Pennsylvania. He’ll fight for an economy that works for everyone. And he’ll fight to give all Americans a voice in our democracy. ECU is proud to stand with Conor and looks forward to working with him to unrig the system.”

Key highlights of ECU’s impact on the race:

  • Conor Lamb got his first national endorsement from End Citizens United in January.
  • The endorsement from ECU coincided with Lamb’s decision to reject corporate PAC money.
  • ECU had a $550,000 impact on the race, raising $300,000 for Lamb and spending an additional $250,000 on television and digital ads.

Read the full election memo here.

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