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ECU Launches Ad Campaign Targeting CVS’s Donations to Members of Congress Who Voted to Overturn the Election

Feb 17, 2021

CVS Health PAC has given $73,000 to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Representative Devin Nunes

Ads will micro-target and geo-target CVS employees to build internal and external pressure to stop funding Republican seditionists

End Citizens United today launched an ad campaign targeting four corporations, including CVS, that contributed to the campaigns of Republicans who voted to overturn the election and spread misinformation, helping to incite the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. The corporations include: JPMorgan Chase, ExxonMobil, CVS, and FedEx. The ad campaign is designed to persuade the corporations to stop supporting these Republicans. CVS Health PAC has given $73,000 to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Representative Devin Nunes.

The ads will be micro-targeted and geo-targeted to employees of the corporations to spread awareness of the contributions and help build internal and external pressure on companies to cut off the funding. The corporations, including CVS, have either made no comment, paused their donations, or are reevaluating their corporate PAC contributions.

“The CEO and high-level executives at CVS need to do some serious soul-searching. They need to decide if funding anti-democracy politicians is more important than democracy itself. In this defining moment, we urge these corporations to be part of the solution by heeding the calls for change,” said Tiffany Muller, president of End Citizens United. “CVS is on the hook for underwriting a misinformation campaign to overturn the election results which led to the deadly assault on the Capitol. Employees of corporations like CVS should demand a refund from those members of Congress or at the very least stop funding them.”

The $100,000 digital ad campaign will begin February 17.

Following End Citizens United’s call on AT&T and Comcast to stop donating to electoral objectors, the two corporations suspended their political giving to the politicians who challenged the Electoral College results.

See below for sample ads: