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ECU // LAV Announces First Round of House Challenger Endorsements

Sep 27, 2023

End Citizens United // Let America Vote (ECU // LAV) today announced its first round of House challenger endorsements for the 2024 cycle. All five candidates are running in battleground districts, they’re making anti-corruption and democracy reform a pillar of their campaigns, and refusing corporate PAC money.

The list of endorsed candidates includes: Kirsten Engel (AZ-06), Will Rollins (CA-41), Mondaire Jones (NY-17), Josh Riley (NY-19), and Michelle Vallejo (TX-15).

“Flipping the House will run through these five battleground districts,” said ECU // LAV President Tiffany Muller. “These leaders are making democracy reform a central tenet of their campaigns and they’re backing it up by rejecting corporate PAC money. This will spell disaster for their Republican opponents, who are banking on corporate money to fund their reelection campaigns. These races are a top priority for us this cycle and we look forward to flipping them.”

“For too long, secretive special interests and corporations have worked to buy Arizona elections and silence voters which is why I refuse to take any corporate PAC money. I want Arizonans to know that I will never be accountable to the deep-pocketed special interests” said Kirsten Engel. “I’m proud to be endorsed by End Citizens United // Let America Vote, who are leaders in protecting our democracy. I look forward to working with them to get corporate money out of our politics and protect our freedom to vote.”

“As a former federal prosecutor, I’ve seen the long-lasting damage corruption has done to democracy and am ready to shine a light on dark money in our politics,” said Will Rollins. “That’s why I am refusing to take any money from massive corporations—as a promise that I will only ever work for the people and prioritize the issues that are affecting families most. I’m proud to be endorsed by End Citizens United // Let America Vote and look forward to working alongside them to protect voters’ voices at the ballot box and get Big Money out of our elections.”

“Throughout my career, I’ve worked to get Big Money out of elections and to protect voters’ voices from being overshadowed by corporate special interest groups, from authoring key provisions of the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act to getting that bill passed through the House. That’s why I’m proud to have this endorsement from End Citizens United // Let America Vote, crucial leaders in the fight to save our democracy,” said Mondaire Jones. “I have always prioritized the issues facing Lower Hudson Valley families so I will continue to reject corporate PAC money as a promise that I only work for my constituents. My record of fighting corruption stands in stark contrast to that of Congressman Mike Lawler, the former oil and gas lobbyist who got elected to Congress and proceeded to vote like an oil and gas lobbyist. When I return to Congress, I will continue to defend our democracy from far-right extremism and corruption, and create a government that works for the people.”

“I’m honored to be endorsed by End Citizens United // Let America Vote. For too long, Upstate New Yorkers have been sold out by politicians who care more about their corporate donors than their constituents. I’m running for Congress to change that,” said Josh Riley. “I am not taking any money from corporate PACs, so Upstate New Yorkers know that I only work for them. I look forward to working with ECU // LAV to root out corruption and return power to everyday people.”

“I’m proud to have the endorsement of End Citizens United // Let America Vote. I’m committed to working together to stop the influence of big special interests trying to buy our elections,” said Michelle Vallejo. “I’ve never taken a dime from corporate PACs because my priorities lie with the people of TX-15 — regardless of their political affiliation.  We must shine a light on dark money working to silence voters across the state and creating gridlock in Congress. Together, we can create a government that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and the well-connected.”

ECU // LAV is dedicated to combating the two biggest challenges facing our democracy: the corrosive impact of Big Money and attempts to block access to the ballot box. Since its founding in 2015, the group has had over 1 million donors and raised $200 million, with an average donation of just $14. The group has more than 4 million members nationwide.


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