Press Releases

ECU // LAV Congratulates Cisco Aguilar on His Victory

Nov 11, 2022

End Citizens United // Let America Vote President Tiffany Muller released the following statement on Cisco Aguilar’s win in the Nevada Secretary of State race:

“Congratulations to Cisco Aguilar on his victory. He proved during his campaign that he will fight for the voice of every Nevadan and protect their freedom to vote. Today’s outcome is critical to the survival of our democracy.”

Aguilar is part of ECU’s first ever Democracy Defenders program because of his commitment to uplifting and protecting the democratic process. ECU held a democracy and women’s rights roundtable during our Sprint to Save Democracy Tour with Senator Amy Klobuchar and Aguilar. ECU and Safe Accessible Fair Elections (SAFE) jointly launched a seven figure television ad campaign in Nevada to showcase how Aguilar will protect the freedom to vote. Additionally, ECU raised and contributed over $50,000 in support of Aguilar’s election.

In addition, ECU partnered with Justice Unites Us for a $450,000 digital GOTV campaign targeting AAPI voters in Clark County to help Cisco Aguilar and other Democrats up and down the ballot.