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ECU / LAV Endorses Gallego in Critical Senate Race

May 16, 2023

End Citizens United (ECU) / Let America Vote (LAV) today endorsed Congressman Ruben Gallego for U.S. Senate in Arizona. At a time of unprecedented attacks on our democracy, Rep. Gallego has the leadership and integrity needed to represent hard-working Arizona families.

“Protecting democracy is a top concern for Arizonans, and Congressman Gallego has a proven record of supporting reforms to combat corruption and safeguard the freedom to vote,” said ECU / LAV President Tiffany Muller. “He recognizes that progress on the issues important to Arizona families, like lowering health care costs or making an economy that works for everyone, isn’t possible unless we get big money out of politics and make our government accountable to the people.”

Muller added, “The choice in this race is crystal clear. Congressman Gallego will strengthen our democracy and put the needs of people first. On the other hand, there is a Senator who prioritizes donors over people, or extremist Republicans who want to overturn election results. Arizonans deserve better. We’re proud to endorse Congressman Gallego and we look forward to helping him win.”

“Our democracy is under attack by extremist Republicans and the hard-right billionaires that fund them. Now, more than ever, we must eliminate the corrosive influence of big money in politics, so we can secure our democracy and finally pass popular, common-sense legislation that will make all of our lives better,” said Gallego. “End Citizens United is at the forefront of the critical fight and I am so grateful to have earned their trust and support. Together, we will win.”

In the 117th Congress, Senator Sinema was responsible for preventing passage of the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act, a comprehensive set of reforms aimed at making it easier for people to vote, ending the dominance of big money in politics, putting an end to partisan gerrymandering, and ensuring officials are working in the public interest. Sinema chose to defend the Washington status quo instead of the voice and vote of every American. History will remember her as standing on the side of restrictive voting laws and corrupt politicians who want to overturn the will of the voters.

Gallego has been a leader in the fight to limit the influence of special interests and make Washington accountable to the people. He is determined to codify the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act into law to protect the right to vote for all Americans. He has supported a number of anti-corruption reforms, including the DISCLOSE Act, the Democracy For All Amendment, the SHIELD Act, and the SAFE Act. In 2022, Gallego received an “A” rating on ECU / LAV’s legislative scorecard.

ECU / LAV is dedicated to combating the two biggest challenges facing our democracy: the corrosive impact of Big Money and attempts to block access to the ballot box. Since its founding in 2015, the group has had over 1 million donors and raised $200 million, with an average donation of just $14. The group has more than four million members nationwide.