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ECU // LAV Launch New Digital Ads In Support of For the People Act

Apr 15, 2021

Second wave of digital ads will air in Delaware, New Hampshire, Nevada, Montana and West Virginia

The groups recently announced a $30 million effort to ensure passage of S.1

End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund launched a second wave of digital ads as part of the group’s $30 million campaign with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) to pass the For the People Act––a critical reform package to get dark money out of politics, stop billionaires from buying elections, crack down on corruption, end partisan gerrymandering, protect the freedom to vote and ensure elections are safe, accurate, and accessible.

The $1.1 million ad buy will run in Delaware, New Hampshire, Nevada, Montana and West Virginia on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Reddit. They follow an ongoing $3.2 million national TV buy as well as an ongoing $1.2 million wave of digital ads in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maine and Alaska.

Click here to watch a sample digital ad.

“Washington is broken and our democracy is under attack. Big money special interests have too much influence and dark money groups are funding and coordinating with self-serving politicians who are erecting barriers to voting across the country,” said End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund President Tiffany Muller. “Passing popular, common sense reforms like reducing the influence of money in politics so billionaires can’t buy elections, cracking down on corruption in both parties, ensuring accurate elections, and protecting voting rights is the only way to move our country forward. The Senate must pass the For the People Act to hold politicians accountable and make Washington responsive to the needs of the people.”

As reported by The New York Times, ECU // LAV Action Fund and NDRC are investing $30 million in television and digital advertising; major grassroots activation, including putting boots on the ground in key states; and grasstops education and outreach. The campaign will fund key national and local allied organizations––from good government and voting rights groups to a wide array of issue advocacy groups. This historic investment will harness the grassroots energy for unrigging the system in Washington to make it work for everyone, not just those on top, and will make it clear to the Senate that we must pass this bill.