Press Releases

ECU // LAV Statement on the Oral Arguments in Moore v. Harper

Dec 07, 2022

End Citizens United // Let America Vote Action Fund President Tiffany Muller released the following statement:

“Today’s oral arguments highlight why the Court must reject the extremist, fringe arguments in Moore v. Harper. The Independent State Legislature Theory is a radical and dangerous ploy that would undermine our democracy, allow state legislatures to further restrict the freedom to vote and thwart the will of voters, and exacerbate partisan gerrymandering that stops Americans from having fair and equal representation.

“Voters made it abundantly clear last month that they want to protect our democracy. The Supreme Court must reject this extremist attempt to undermine it.”

In October, ECU // LAV Action Fund, along with CLC and other pro-democracy organizations, filed an amicus brief urging the Court to reject the Independent State Legislature Theory. ECU // LAV Action Fund organized and attended a rally outside the Supreme Court on the morning of oral arguments.