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ECU // LAV Statement on Warnock-Walker Runoff in Georgia

Nov 09, 2022

End Citizens United // Let America Vote President Tiffany Muller released the following statement congratulating Senator Raphael Warnock on his expected advancement to the runoff in Georgia’s Senate race:

“Congratulations to Senator Raphael Warnock on advancing to the runoff in Georgia. Senator Warnock continues to be a leader for Georgia families – taking on corporate special interests to lower prescription drug costs for working Georgians. Herschel Walker is a corrupt, self-serving politician who only wants to benefit himself and his wealthy allies. Walker consistently lies to the people of Georgia, proving he is simply not ready to represent them.

“We look forward to doing everything we can to help Senator Warnock win this runoff election and continue to build on the amazing work he’s done in fighting for working families in Georgia.”

ECU endorsed Senator Warnock in 2021 because of his proven track record of working to protect the freedom to vote for Georgia families and his commitment to refusing corporate PAC money. As soon as he entered office, he made it clear that protecting voting rights is a top priority for him. ECU also helped hold Hershel Walker accountable for trying to hide the sources of his wealth and ensure Georgians got the full truth. ECU had a total impact of over $250,000 for Senator Warnock this cycle.

ECU // LAV Action Fund also amplified Senator Warnock’s work on championing the Freedom to Vote Act with over $1.4 million in television and digital ads in Georgia.