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ECU // LAV’s 2022 State Legislative Wins

Nov 17, 2022

End Citizens United // Let America Vote’s election victories extended down the ballot this cycle, with ECU // LAV endorsed candidates winning state legislative races in some of the most competitive races and chambers in the country.

Overall, ECU // LAV won 45 state legislative races in 6 states and helped flip both chambers of the Michigan legislature, flip the Pennsylvania House, and prevented a GOP supermajority in the North Carolina House.

In Michigan, ECU // LAV helped Democrats secure trifecta control of government, with wins in the governor’s race as well as helping flip both chambers of the legislature.

ECU // LAV state legislative wins by the states:

  • Arizona

    • Arizona House LD-02 Judy Schwiebert

    • Arizona House LD-04 Laura Terech

    • Arizona Senate LD-04 Christine Marsh

    • Arizona House LD-09 Lorena Austin

    • Arizona House LD-09 Seth Blattman

    • Arizona Senate LD-09 Eva Burch

  • Georgia

    • Georgia Senate SD-07 Nabilah Islam

    • Georgia Senate SD-42 Elena Parent

  • Michigan (flipped state House and Senate)

    • Michigan Senate SD-04 Darrin Camilleri

    • Michigan Senate SD-08 Mallory McMorrow

    • Michigan Senate SD-11 Veronica Klinefelt

    • Michigan Senate SD-13 Rosemary Bayer

    • Michigan Senate SD-14 Sue Shink

    • Michigan Senate SD-28 Sam Singh

    • Michigan Senate SD-29 Majority Leader Winnie Brinks

    • Michigan Senate SD-35 Kristen McDonald Rivet

    • Michigan House HD-31 Reggie Miller

    • Michigan House HD-44 Jim Haadsma

    • Michigan House HD-48 Jennifer Conlin

    • Michigan House HD-58 Nate Shannon

    • Michigan House HD-61 Denise Mentzer

    • Michigan House HD-80 Phil Skaggs

    • Michigan House HD-81 Rachel Hood

    • Michigan House HD-83 John Fitzgerald

    • Michigan House HD-84 Carol Glanville

  • North Carolina

    • North Carolina House HD-30 Marcia Morey

    • North Carolina House HD-36 Julie von Haefen

    • North Carolina House HD-40 Joe John

    • North Carolina House HD-45 Frances Jackson

    • North Carolina House HD-57 Ashton Clemmons

    • North Carolina House HD-61 Pricey Harrison

    • North Carolina House HD-104 Brandon Lofton

  • Texas

    • Texas House HD-116 Trey Martinez Fischer

    • Texas House HD-134 Ann Johnson

  • Pennsylvania (flipped state House)

    • Pennsylvania House HD-26 Paul Friel

    • Pennsylvania House HD-30 Arvind Venkat

    • Pennsylvania House HD-33 Mandy Steele

    • Pennsylvania House HD-74 Dan Williams

    • Pennsylvania House HD-82 Paul Takac

    • Pennsylvania House HD-144 Brian Munroe

    • Pennsylvania House HD-151 Melissa Cerrato

    • Pennsylvania House HD-165 Jennifer O’Mara

    • Pennsylvania House HD-167 Kristine Howard

    • Pennsylvania House HD-168 Lisa Borowski

    • Pennsylvania House HD-189 Tarah Probst