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ECU, Local Leaders Call for Department of Justice Investigation into Herschel Walker’s Finances

Jul 14, 2022

This morning, End Citizens United held a press conference with local Georgia officials in front of the Georgia State Capitol, to discuss a new complaint submitted to the Department of Justice calling for an investigation into Herschel Walker for again submitting an inaccurate personal financial disclosure, hiding the source of more than $3 million worth of business dealings from Georgia voters.

The complaint details how Walker still refuses to be honest with Georgians about where over $3 million of his money came from, hiding important, legally required information that would reveal potential conflicts of interest. The speakers also spotlighted Walker’s non-stop flow of lies, which prove he’s simply not ready to represent the people of Georgia in the U.S. Senate.

Click here to read the new DOJ complaint.

Click here for a recording of the press conference.

See below for key quotes from the event:

  • End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller

    • [Walker] just can’t be honest. He’s still not reporting the many sources of those $3 million. Which clients he got it from, what exactly he did for that money, and what financial relationships he maintains with those customers to this day.

    • $3 million. That’s not money you easily forget — unless you’re trying to hide something. Voters deserve to know — who paid him this money? What did he do for this money? Who else is he indebted to? What else is he hiding? We’ve seen Walker’s non-stop flow of lies for months. How are Georgians supposed to trust him, when he’s hiding $3 million from them?

  • Atlanta Public School Board Chair Jason Esteves

    • In public office, credibility means everything — and without it, Georgians lose faith in their elected officials. That’s why it’s so concerning that for the better part of a year, Herschel Walker has been undercutting his own credibility with the people of Georgia. And today, we’re standing up to say enough is enough.

    • Walker claims his success as a businessman is evidence he will be a successful Senator — but his business record is chock full of misconduct and scams. And based on the latest news from End Citizens United, it’s clear that the Department of Justice needs to investigate his finances, too.

  • State Representative Shea Roberts

    • If Walker can’t be honest about his financial interests, we can’t expect him to be honest about representing the peoples’ interests… A person who lies this much cannot be trusted to be there for Georgians in good times and in bad. A person who lies about everything cannot be trusted to make decisions for your family or mine… A person who lies about everything cannot be trusted to keep the promises he makes to the people of Georgia.

    • When candidates for higher office tell us they cannot be trusted to tell the most basic truths about themselves, we should listen. That’s what Herschel Walker is telling us. And while Walker’s falsehoods on his financial record are what brings us here today, they’re only the latest in a long line of lies.