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ECU Projects $35 Million Raise for 2018 Cycle

Apr 04, 2017

Campaign Finance Reform PAC Entirely Funded by Small-Dollar Donors
Kicks-off Q1 with $4 Million Raised; $12 Average Contribution


End Citizens United (ECU) today announced that it will raise $35 million for the 2018 cycle, surpassing the $25 million it raised for the 2016 elections.

As a political action committee entirely funded by low-dollar, grassroots donors, ECU was the 4th largest federal PAC in the 2016 cycle. Since it was launched two years ago, ECU has grown to 3 million members with more than 330,000 donors who give an average contribution of $14.

The organization, which helps elect campaign finance reform champions, has already raised over $4 million in the first quarter of 2017 with an average contribution of $12. Powered by the grassroots, the organization received support from 100,000 donors, of which 40,000 were new donors – highlighting the broad appeal for meaningful campaign finance reform.

The increased funding will allow ECU to scale up its resources as it heads into the 2018 midterms, including running paid communications in support of its endorsed candidates; connecting those candidates with its grassroots members across the country; conducting polling and assisting allies with message guidance; and advocacy activities to elevate campaign finance reform as an issue critical to the 2018 elections.

In addition to supporting End Citizens United, ECU members are helping elect a reformer in the Georgia 6th district special election, donating more than $500,000 in just the month of March to Jon Ossoff’s campaign.

“Everyday Americans across the country are standing toe to toe against a deluge of special interest money. They’re demonstrating astounding energy at historic levels of participation as they fight to take back our democracy. This election cycle we will elect a wave of reformers who are committed to ending the rigged system in Washington by getting Big Money out of politics,” said Tiffany Muller, executive director of End Citizens United.