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ECU Releases $400,000 Ad Campaign in GA-SEN Runoff

Nov 21, 2022

Digital and mail ads hold Herschel Walker accountable for his pattern of lies, deception, and violence against women

End Citizens United released a new $400,000 digital and mail ad campaign in the Georgia Senate runoff. The ads highlight how Herschel Walker is a serial liar–trying to cover up his extremism by lying about his business dealings, his finances, and about being an FBI agent–and how he has a disturbing pattern of violence against women.

“Herschel Walker is not fit and not ready to represent the people of Georgia. He is a MAGA extremist incapable of telling the truth and there are several instances of him violently threatening women,” said End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller. “We cannot let him anywhere near the U.S. Senate.”

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The digital ads will run on OTT, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat in Atlanta through election day. The mail ads will drop weekly between now and election day.

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Script of “Headlines

Lots of questions about his businesses

Allegations of domestic, spousal abuse

A string of violent threats

Failed to repay six hundred twenty five thousand dollars in loans

Falsely claiming to be a former FBI agent

Herschel Walker is unfit to serve Georgia in the Senate