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ECU: Super PAC Should Listen to Klobuchar Campaign and Shut Down

Feb 19, 2020

Senator Amy Klobuchar’s campaign confirmed again with NBC news that they do not “want help from super PACs” after a new super PAC formed to support her bid for the presidency.

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller released the following statement:

“Amy Klobuchar is running a grassroots campaign and has pledged to make comprehensive anti-corruption, money-in-politics, and voting rights reform legislation, like the For the People Act, the very first bill she would send to Congress.

“Senator Klobuchar’s campaign has consistently said they do not want the help of single-candidate super PACs in this Democratic primary and have proven throughout this race that they don’t need it. Kitchen Table Conversations PAC should listen to the campaign, cease its activities in the Democratic primary, and shut down.”