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ECU: Trump Doubles Down on Opposition to Transparency, Reform with FEC Nomination

Sep 13, 2017

Trump Continues to Reverse Course on Campaign Promise to Drain the Swamp

Following last night’s late reveal that Trump is nominating James “Trey” Trainor III to the FEC, End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller released the following statement.

“Donald Trump campaigned on draining the swamp, instead he is only adding to the muck. His decision to nominate Trey Trainor, who has been described as a ‘mega advocate’ for deregulating our campaign finance system and an outspoken defender of secretive, ‘dark money,’ is the latest sign that the President was never serious about ending the influence of Big Money and special interest in Washington.”

“‘A full and functioning FEC is a vital organ in our democracy and ensures the integrity of our elections. President Trump should take his responsibility seriously and appoint members who will enforce the law and fight for transparency.”