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Election Results Update: ECU Helps Sweep in Pro-Democracy Candidates in 2022

Nov 15, 2022

In last Tuesday’s election, End Citizens United // Let America Vote helped sweep in Democratic candidates committed to protecting democracy at the federal and state level.

To date, ECU has won 148 races with 19 still uncalled or heading to a runoff.

  • That includes winning 14 out of 18 races with paid communication independent expenditure programs, with one still uncalled.

ECU’s paid communications and coordinated campaign focused on a pro-democracy and anti-corruption message that helped Democrats hold the Senate and outperform expectations by beating back the red wave in the House. ECU is also on track to win 77 percent of Secretary of State and Attorney General races, including a clean sweep of election deniers in battleground states.

The Senate

  • 10 wins

  • Held all incumbents – one headed for runoff

  • Flipped Pennsylvania

  • Protected open Vermont race

  • 2 new No Corporate PAC Senators (Senators-Elect Fetterman and Welch)

    • In the last two cycles, all 7 newly elected Democratic Senators refuse corporate PAC money

The House

  • 79 wins

  • On pace for a 96% win rate among endorsed Frontliners

  • 10 Red-to-Blue wins, 6 of whom are No Corporate PAC candidates

  • 51 (and counting) members who refuse corporate PAC money

Democracy Defenders: Attorneys General and Secretaries of State

  • 13 overall wins, with 1 race still uncalled

  • 85% win rate in SOS races

  • All incumbent AG and SOS re-elected

  • Flipped Nevada SOS and on track to flip Arizona AG

Governors and Legislatures 

  • Won all endorsed incumbent governors and two-thirds of endorsed gubernatorial races

  • 17 wins in races for the Michigan legislature, flipping it to Democratic control for the first time in over 40 years

  • 10 wins in the Pennsylvania House, putting Democrats on the verge of flipping the chamber for the first time in over a decade

  • 7 victories in the North Carolina House, where Democrats prevented a GOP supermajority, saving Governor Roy Cooper’s veto

Other Successes

  • Won ballot initiatives–by overwhelming margins–to create a matching funds initiative in Oakland, CA, and protect the freedom to vote in Michigan

  • Elected a record high 68 (and counting) No Corporate PAC members of Congress

  • Defeated 12 Big Money 20 targets, with 4 races still uncalled