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Elizabeth Warren Puts $10 Million Behind Anti-Corruption Ads

Sep 25, 2019

The Reform First candidate’s $10 million ad campaign highlights the need for sweeping reform and anti-corruption measures

In an ECU poll, 83% of voters are concerned about political corruption in Washington 

Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign announced a $10 million ad buy highlighting the need to root out political corruption in order to tackle the issues facing America. Warren, a Reform First candidate, has made anti-corruption and democracy reform a central theme in her campaign. The Reform First campaign is End Citizens United’s (ECU) project to support and underscore 2020 Democratic presidential candidates who are committed to making anti-corruption and democracy reform legislation their first bill if elected. The $10 million ad buy is one of the largest ad buys of the entire 2020 cycle so far.

“Cleaning up corruption and making government work for all Americans is a top issue for voters and critical to winning back voters Democrats lost to Donald Trump in 2016,” said End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller. “By making corruption a cornerstone of her campaign, Senator Warren is showing American voters that she’s serious about unrigging the system so we can enact progressive change. End Citizens United applauds Sen. Warren, and we look forward to seeing more candidates making anti-corruption messaging central to their presidential bids.”

End Citizens United met with all the major Democratic presidential campaigns this summer to present polling from 12 battleground states. The poll shows how running against political corruption and big money in politics builds credibility with voters on key issues, like climate change, gun safety legislation, and lowering the cost of prescription drugs. 83 percent of voters named “cracking down on political corruption” a top priority. There are six current presidential candidates who have committed to making a comprehensive anti-corruption and democracy reform bill the first piece of legislation if elected.

ECU is the first organization to raise money for multiple presidential campaigns. In the 2018 cycle, ECU raised $44 million including $9 million for candidates it endorsed. The group, founded in 2015, has raised more than $75 million in the last two election cycles. While ECU is not formally endorsing any candidate, it is highlighting candidates for its members who have taken this important step and encourages other candidates to join them.

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