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End Citizens United Action Fund Urges IRS to Reverse Proposed Rule on Disclosure

Nov 04, 2019

End Citizens United Action Fund today sent a letter to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) stating its opposition to a proposed IRS rule that would allow political nonprofits to hide their big donors from the Agency. The new rule would hinder the IRS’ ability to identify illegal activity, like foreign money in U.S. politics. The letter urges the IRS to instead put forth proposals that will make government more accountable to the American people.

The letter reads:

“Transparency is critical to a democracy that’s open and accountable to the people. No longer requiring politically-active nonprofit organizations to disclose their major donors to the IRS will undermine this core tenet of our political system and make it easier for unscrupulous organizations to accept and spend dark money and illegal foreign contributions on our elections without oversight or consequence.

On behalf of End Citizens United Action Fund and our more than four million members, we vigorously oppose this proposed rule and strongly urge the IRS to focus on proposals that will make government more responsive to the needs of Americans, not less.”

Read the full letter here

In July 2018, the Trump administration reversed a nearly 50 year-old I.R.S. regulation that required political nonprofits to disclose their big donors to the agency, which has allowed the I.R.S. to identify illegal activity, like foreign money in politics. Governor Steve Bullock challenged the decision in court only a few weeks later, personally authoring the lawsuit and appearing as counsel in the case.

End Citizens United Action Fund, an arm of the campaign finance reform group, encourages ECU’s four million members to call their elected officials, host petition drives, participate in letter to the editor campaigns, and join coalitions of other grassroots advocacy groups to pass legislation to help get big money out of politics.