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End Citizens United and Let America Vote Endorse Senator Mark Kelly for Reelection

May 13, 2021

Senator Kelly refuses corporate PAC money

End Citizens United (ECU) and Let America Vote (LAV) today endorsed Senator Mark Kelly for reelection. Kelly refuses to accept corporate PAC money in his campaign.

“After a successful 2020 campaign where he made reform a central tenet of his campaign, Senator Mark Kelly is already following through on his promise to put Arizona and the country above party or corporate special interests,” said ECU // LAV President Tiffany Muller. “His decisions to refuse corporate PAC money and sponsor the For the People Act are a testament to the fact that he’s listening to Arizonans and working on their behalf. We’re proud to endorse Senator Kelly, and look forward to helping him win again.”

“Every day, I work with Republicans and Democrats to get things done for Arizonans, but corporate special interests have broken Washington,” said Senator Mark Kelly. “That’s why I continue to refuse any corporate PAC money and why I publish my official schedule online — so Arizonans know I’m always working for them. I’m proud to have the support of End Citizens United and Let America Vote, who are doing the important work of fighting to eliminate the influence of big corporations on our government and return power to the voters.”

Since being sworn into office, Kelly has quickly established himself as a leader in the fight to pass the For the People Act (S.1). The once-in-a-generation bill will shine a light on dark money, empower small-donors and stop billionaires from buying our elections, protect the freedom to vote, stop partisan gerrymandering, and institute iron-clad ethics rules so that elected officials are working for people, not themselves. He understands that moving forward on issues important to Arizona families like adding renewable jobs, addressing lowering prescription drug prices and making an economy that works for everyone, isn’t possible without the reforms in the For the People Act. Senator Kelly also regularly publishes his Senate schedule publicly so Arizonans know he’s working for their interests only in Washington.

End Citizens United // Let America Vote is dedicated to combating the two biggest challenges facing our democracy: the corrosive impact of Big Money and attempts to block access to the ballot box. ECU led the effort to flip the House in 2018 by supporting pro-reform candidates that stood up to Big Money and corporate special interests. In 2020, ECU merged with Let America Vote, a grassroots organization that is fighting to protect all Americans’ right to vote, and played a pivotal role in electing pro-democracy Senate candidates that helped flip the chamber. The group raised $1.3 million in small-dollar contributions for Kelly during the 2020 election cycle. ECU // LAV has more than four million members nationwide, including nearly 129,000 in Arizona, and is entirely grassroots-funded with an average donation of just $14.