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End Citizens United and Let America Vote Endorse Slate of State-Level Reformers

Jul 28, 2020

ECU’s affiliate, Fight for Reform, will connect local grassroots members with endorsed candidates running for state-level office

End Citizens United (ECU) and Let America Vote (LAV) today endorsed 47 reformers in state-level races across the country, all of whom are committed to securing the right to vote and rooting out corruption.

“State governments play a critical role in rooting out Big Money special interests and protecting the right to vote,” said ECU and LAV President Tiffany Muller. “These 47 reformers are committed to passing comprehensive anti-corruption, voting rights, and ethics reform legislation. They’re running reform-focused campaigns and proving that they’ll fight on behalf of their constituents, not corporate special interests. We’re proud to endorse these 47 candidates, and we look forward to helping them win.”

Fight for Reform, the state level affiliate of ECU and LAV, will connect its local grassroots members with the endorsed candidates running for state-level office.

North Carolina: 

J.D. Wooten (SD-24)

Dorothea White (HD-03)

Rep. Allison Dahle (HD-11)

Rep. Sydney Batch (HD-37)

Rep. Joe John (HD-40)

Jason Cain (HD-51)

Rep. Verla Insko (HD-56)

Rep. Ashton Clemmons (HD-57)

New Hampshire: 

Rep. Sue Ford (SD-1)

Jenn Alford-Teaster (SD-8)

Sen. Shannon Chandley (SD-11)

Sen. Kevin Cavanaugh (SD-16)

Gregor Stocks (Coos 7)

Rep. Tim Egan (Grafton 2)

Riley Gordon (Grafton 12)

Rep. Patricia Cornell (Hillsborough 18)

Nikki Fordey (Hillsborough 20)

Alex Lloyd (Hillsborough 23)

Rep. Laura Telerski (Hillsborough 35)

Amy Bradley (Hillsborough 43)

Marcella Termini (Hillsborough 43)


Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney (MT-Gov)

Raph Graybill (MT-AG)

Sen. Bryce Bennett (MT-SoS)


Attorney General Josh Shapiro (PA-AG)

Shanna Danielson (SD-31)

Richard Ruggieri (HD-13)

Sharon Guidi (HD-40)

Lindsay Drew (HD-106)

Joanna Bryn Smith (HD-120)

Rep. Jennifer O’Mara (HD-165)


Dr. Eliz Markowitz (HD-28)

Rep. Erin Zwiener (HD-45)

Angela Brewer (HD-64)

Dr. Lydia Bean (HD-93)

Rep. Terry Meza (HD-105)

Brandy Chambers (HD-112)

Celina Montoya (HD-121)

Rep. Jon Rosenthal (HD-135)


Yinka Faleti (MO-SoS)


Connie Di Cicco (HD-44)


Ben Marcus (HD-16)

Chris Cause (HD-39)


Felicia Brabec (HD-55)

Dan O’Neil (HD-104)


Joel O’Dorisio (SD-2)


Brian Giles (AD-69)