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End Citizens United Announces First House Challenger Endorsements for 2018 Cycle

Aug 16, 2017

ECU Endorses Randy Bryce (WI-1), Paul Davis (KS-2) and Chrissy Houlahan (PA-6)
Endorsements Highlight the Role of Reform in 2018 Elections

Washington, DC — End Citizens United (ECU) today announced its first three House challenger endorsements for the 2018 cycle with Randy Bryce (WI-1), Paul Davis (KS-2) and Chrissy Houlahan (PA-6).

“ECU is proud to endorse Randy Bryce, Paul Davis and Chrissy Houlahan for Congress. All three stand as true champions for reform working to fix our broken system,” said Tiffany Muller, executive director and president of End Citizens United. “These endorsements highlight how a message about fixing the broken system in Washington is going to be important all across the country. We can’t fix our economic issues without first unrigging the system which is benefitting the few and well-connected. Randy, Paul and Chrissy understand that and have made rooting out big money in politics a key part of their candidacy. They know we can’t fix Washington until we stand up to the special interests controlling Congress.”

“The corrosive impact of unlimited, undisclosed donations from the special interests, powerful elite and the ultra-rich casts aside the voice of the common people, and makes government the playground of the insiders and the wealthy — instead of serving the many,” said Randy Bryce. “I am proud that my people-powered campaign is averaging just $25 per donation, because we are fueled by grassroots movement for change that puts working people and everyday Wisconsinites first.  I will never stop fighting to overturn the toxic Citizens United decision, and pass real, meaningful campaign finance reform that puts power squarely where it belongs — with the people.”

“Our political system is fundamentally broken. It wasn’t broken by Republicans or Democrats. It was broken by money. Unprecedented, unchecked, obscene amounts of money in our government, and in our elections,” said Paul Davis. “Changing the system is how we give you back your voice in your government. It’s how we restore accountability to Congress.”

“I’m deeply concerned by the increasing influence of secret money in our elections. We need to reform our campaign finance system to increase transparency and regain the public’s trust in our elected officials,” said Chrissy Houlahan. “If elected, one of my first actions in Congress will be to fix this broken campaign finance system and work to undo the damage caused by Citizens United.”

The early endorsement will allow ECU to connect its 360,000 grassroots donors with the campaigns to help ensure they have the resources to win. This cycle, with an average donation of $14, ECU has raised almost $2 million for its endorsed candidates. ECU will also work to elevate campaign finance reform as a critical campaign issue in these districts. In 2016, ECU helped elect 15 new members of Congress including Jacky Rosen in NV-03, Sen. Maggie Hassan, and Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto. ECU also conducted polling and assisted allies with additional messaging guidance on money in politics.

ECU is a grassroots-funded organization dedicated to electing members of Congress who will fight to overturn Citizens United and pass meaningful campaign finance reform.

For more information on the candidates click here.

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