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End Citizens United Announces New Staff for 2020 Cycle

Mar 28, 2019

Today, End Citizens United (ECU) announced new staff hires ahead of the 2020 cycle.

Maddie Beckenholdt will serve as Campaign Services Finance Manager. During the 2018 cycle, Maddie was the Deputy Finance Director for Amy McGrath for Congress and the Finance Director for Josh Butner for Congress. Prior to last cycle, she interned with California State Senator Bob Hertzberg and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

Patrick Burgwinkle will serve as Communications Director. During the 2018 cycle, Patrick was the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Deputy Communications Director. He previously worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, the Democratic Party of Arkansas, and the Democratic National Committee.

Joe Radosevich will serve as Political Director. Joe has managed winning statewide campaigns in Pennsylvania and Minnesota. In 2018, he directed U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar’s commanding reelection in Minnesota. He previously served as campaign manager and then Chief of Staff for Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Adam Bozzi has been promoted to Vice President for Communications. He previously served as Communications Director.

Jordan Wood has been promoted to Vice President for Political. He previously served as Political Director.

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