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End Citizens United Applauds Senate Democrats’ #WeThePeople Reform Package

Jun 09, 2016

For Immediate Release
June 9, 2016
Contact: Tiffany Muller
[email protected]
(202) 536-7917

WASHINGTON — End Citizens United PAC today applauded Senate Democrats for releasing a bold new reform package to take back our democracy from special interests.

The “We The People” Act will increase transparency, diminish the influence of corporate lobbyists, rein in the dark money corrupting our democracy and overturn the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

“The ‘We The People’ Act is a great step toward curbing the corrosive effect of anonymous money in politics,” said Tiffany Muller, Executive Director for End Citizens United. “Congress should pass this package today to prohibit unlimited corporate special interest money and eliminate dark money.”

The “We The People” Act would amend the Constitution to overturn Citizens United, the central goal of End Citizens United. This action would allow both Congress and the states to enact campaign finance reforms to limit the activity of outside money — and ensure those reforms would stand up to constitutional challenges.

Not only is the “We The People” Act good policy, but polling also indicates it will have broad support. A survey conducted earlier this year on behalf of End Citizens United showed that 75% of voters have an unfavorable opinion of the Citizens United decision. The same survey showed the issue of reducing the influence of special interests money in politics placed second in terms of priority with Independent voters — ranking only behind protecting our country from terrorism.

“End Citizens United is a grassroots-powered organization singularly focused on meaningful campaign finance reform,” Muller added. “This reform package is exactly what our supporters want to see and we will do all we can to support this proposal.”

End Citizens United PAC was established in March 2015 to counter the disastrous effects of Citizens United and reform our campaign finance system. To date, more than 1.5 million grassroots members from every state and territory have taken action to support End Citizens United.

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