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End Citizens United Calls on FEC to Investigate Right to Rise USA

Dec 03, 2015

WASHINGTON – Today, in light of new information regarding questionable transactions from Right to Rise USA, End Citizens United (ECU) PAC called on the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) to investigate the Super PAC supporting Jeb Bush’s candidacy. Revelations surfaced this week regarding a large disbursement to an organization linked to Bush and donations made from anonymous LLCs that appear to have been used for the sole purpose of funneling money to Right to Rise USA.  The anonymous LLC’s were first uncovered by End Citizens United’s research project, Project Bright Light.

“It appears that Right to Rise is skirting every ethical boundary in raising and spending money,” said Richard Carbo, spokesman for ECU.  “In this post-Citizens United world, money in politics has gotten out of control, and Jeb Bush’s allies are using every trick in the book to help his campaign.  Unfortunately, this time it appears they’ve taken it too far.  ECU and our grassroots supporters strongly urge the FEC to take every action possible to get answers from Right to Rise on their shady business practices.”

This week, the FEC requested additional information from Right to Rise USA regarding $6.6 million in payments to Oath Strategies, LLC. According to some reports, Jeb Bush is listed as a former client of the organization, but no other details were released regarding the disbursement as required by the FEC.

In addition to the questionable disbursements, research conducted by End Citizens United’s “Project Bright Light” revealed that Right to Rise USA received several contributions from what appear to be shell corporations – LLCs set up for the sole purpose of making anonymous contributions to political candidates.