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End Citizens United Endorses Richard Ojeda in WV-03

Apr 24, 2018

Ojeda is rejecting corporate PAC money in his campaign

End Citizens United (ECU) today endorsed Richard Ojeda in West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District. As a sign of his commitment to reform, Ojeda recently announced that he is rejecting corporate PAC money in his campaign. ECU encourages candidates to reject money from corporate special interests and has identified over 100 candidates who are making a similar commitment.

“Too many politicians in Washington are beholden to the Big Money special interests. They’re corrupting the system and leaving everyday West Virginians behind,” said ECU President Tiffany Muller. “Richard Ojeda is committed to fighting for meaningful reform so that West Virginia families, not special interests, are the priorities in Congress. We’re proud to endorse Richard’s campaign and look forward to helping him win in November.”

“It’s time we stop allowing corporations to silence the voices of our citizens by greasing the pockets of politicians and buying their votes,” said Richard Ojeda.

The endorsement will help Ojeda compete with high-spending special interest groups by connecting him with its more than 4,100 grassroots members in WV-03, as well as its national network of 400,000 small-dollar donors.

ECU is an entirely grassroots-funded organization dedicated to electing members of Congress who will fight to get Big Money out of politics so Congress focuses on all of us and not only its biggest special interest donors.

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